Tuesday, August 31, 2004

What is a lip-stick lesbienne?

I'm sure on some level, most people can figure it out. But here's why I chose the title of this blog the way I did...

I'll break it into two parts to maybe make it easier; first part: lip-stick lesbian. For those unfamiliar, an lsl (should that be capital LSL?) is the kind of lesbian you see in porn (yes, I've seen porn) - adorned with lip-stick of many skanky (and maybe sometimes not-so-skanky) colors, often blonde, often with fake boobs (but that applies to straight girls in straight porn, too, I guess). I think the only real requirement is that they're willing to do it with other girls on camera. I think of myself as sort of a "real life" lip-stick lesbian, because I like girls, and I (::trying to be modest... and failing::) am as hot as those girls.

Second part: lesbienne. I came up with that for 3 reasons:
1. It's a reference to the Washingtonienne. Ain't nothing wrong with that.
2. I'm kind of bi, so I'm not really like a real lesbian. (But then I suppose lsl's take a lot of dick during their porn careers, so I could probably just be a plain old lip-stick lesbian... Don't forget the last reason, though!)
3. It sounds cool.

Sorry about that one...

Gawd, I'm sorry about that post yesterday. I didn't mean to get up on my high horse, or even my soapbox. Anybody who read that is probably like "You think I'm going to come back here for more of that?"

Haha... oops! Hopefully the pics of Brit made up for it. ;)

Monday, August 30, 2004

She and Lindsay both...

Sure, it's probably played out about the boobs, but I figured it was a good place to start... I had girls last year who clearly had body image problems and when famous people they like get implants, it certainly doesn't help.

And I don't like that Britney and Lindsay (the one that's not me) keep insisting that their boobs are real. I mean, I guess no one really cares about Britney anymore now that they have Lindsay to fawn over... but it'd be better if everyone knew they were fake, so girls didn't expect theirs to be that size (and shape) naturally.

With pictures like these, I think it's about time they just come out and admit it.

Sorry about the rant, I'm sure we all just want to see the pics. I'll admit I like to look at them sometimes, though I certainly prefer "real" girls.


Britney again

It's Me!

I'm a second year public school teacher. Last year I taught Economics and Personal Finance. This year I've got a "Computer Science" (as we call it) class. I was looking around figuring out more about computers this summer when I realized how big the whole blogging thing was. I was aware of it before, but hadn't realized how huge it had become. So, what is my little old blog going to possibly contribute to the "blogosphere"? Hopefully we'll find out...

Also, I don't plan on making this blog "classroom" friendly. Not that I'm going to post porn or anything like that - it should be "work" friendly (at least the pink and white doesn't scream "not work related"). I'm just going to write about my life - and my life includes a few dirty deeds here and there (and everywhere ;) ).

I should have probably started this earlier in the summer, since school starts soon and who knows if there'll be time to write. I'll do my best to keep anyone reading it entertained.