Thursday, September 30, 2004

Interview with Jesse Jane

Found this interview with pornstar Jesse Jane while sifting through my various RSS feeds this afternoon... She certainly sounds like a Lip-Stick Lesbienne if I've ever heard of one! If it weren't for the fake boobs, I'd totally do her. Actually, I'd might do her despite the fake boobs...

Image Hosted by

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Of course, I'd rather get hot and heavy with Devon if I had to choose one. Jesse Jane's lips are little on the crazy side (at least in the picture above).

So, got an erection yet?

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Eating Out with Amber

I just decided to call the post that since no sexual activity actually took place. It's kind of a trick. ;-)

So, Amber called last night and invited me out to the "non-sexual" dinner. She again apoligized for acting like "such a slut" on Saturday. I said as long as she respects both of us in the morning, I'll respect both of us in the morning.

We met at a nice little restaurant somewhere around there... We talked about lots of things, including some on the philosophical spectrum. We didn't really cover politics or religion - but I'm good with that. I know from our previous discussions were pretty much on the same page for the politics part, and I didn't feel it was necessary to discuss religion on a "third" date. (I take it back, there was a little bit of sexual activity... I did rub my leg against hers under the table a couple of times. I wasn't trying to seduce her or anything, just showing affection)

We talked about our hopes and aspirations for the Top Model contestants. I'm a big fan of Yaya, but Amber likes the white girls better... Hmmmm, I don't know about her... Ha! At least we both agreed that Norelle totally looks like Ashlee (oops, sorry you're name is Ashlee with two E's) Simpson, and Leah looks like Lori Loughlin. Too bad she doesn't look like another Leah I know...

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Leah Remini is hot. She's also married and has a kid. She is almost reason enough to watch King of Queens. I caught some of the reruns over the summer and kind of got hooked. Mostly cause of her. Too bad I don't even know what time it's on now... It's okay, though. I've got enough shows to watch.

So, the dinner with Amber was great. We got a long swimmingly (I've always wanted to say that). By the way, she's a business analyst, so we've got a little bit of that in common too. Her job is not easy to describe, and would probably bore everyone, so I'll just omit that for now; suffice to say she gets to wear sexy power business suits to work most days. Maybe someday we'll get to do that one I've seen in a couple of "pictorials" (we'll call them) with the woman in the business suit. That would be pretty hot.

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Something you'd like to share with the class?

I like it when I can just post my responses to email from readers... sure makes the whole "coming up with content" thing a lot easier...

How much of your blog are you just making up? I know that you have a very acute sense of sexuality, and you like to exploit the fact that you know what will get a person's ... um, let's say "interest peaked", so how much of it is exaggeration for the sake of the reader? ("Women should be obscene and not heard" - Groucho Marx) You can tell me; I won't tell anyone your secret. It's safe with me.

I know you want to me to throw up my hands and say "You're right. You got me." But I'm not making this stuff up. I will admit to sexing it up when I write about it, clearly, but that's for my own benefit as much as anyone reading my blog. I mean, I could be like "Amber and I went to a bar, and she finger-fucked me in one of the booths." But, as you point out, I know how to peak interests, and so I do. Just as
women put on make-up every morning, I put up detailed descriptions of my sexual encounters. [ed: explanation: It's not necessarily changing anything, just making it more appealing to look at] I'm just writing them how I feel them.

I'm happy for you, though, that you are finding people w/ whom you can safely express your sexuality.... that's such an important part of human development. My question, though, Lindsey, is who takes care of your emotional needs? Are you a "supressor"? (Someone who just ignores all that nonsense about emotions). Where is your relationship of emotional and psychological significance?

Okay, as far as this crap goes, mister, you can stop right there. I'm not a supressor. Right now, my relationships of emotional and psychological significance are with my friends (aka Joy - with whom I share more emotional connection that I thought could be possible - and Josh, and Mirabelle). These folks are a great support system, and they love me. Don't worry, my parents are still together, and they love me too. I didn't expect to walk into the past few situations as I have, but I decided that now's the time to do these kinds of things before I'm too old to walk into a bar and turn heads. I know it seems like the actions of someone desperate for attention and love, and hoping they can find that through sexual experiences. But from inside my head, it's not. I've been attended to, and loved, and I'm just having a little fun with the sex part.

And as far as the relationships go... I'm liking Amber. I haven't heard from Faith in a while, and I don't feel the need to call her. I mean, I feel a little bad about it, but if she's not calling me, there's probably a reason. And I'm cool with that. We had our time, and now I'm having my time with someone else. And by "liking Amber" I mean, I think we're going to have a meaningful relationship together.

So, don't worry so much about me. I know I seem like a low-self-esteem-sorority-girl on the outside (and I'll admit that sometimes I try to look like one too), but on the inside I know who I am, and I know who I care about, and who cares about me.

And I'm getting a little choked up writing that...

Sorry I got all bitchy there. Thanks for caring about me enough to bring it to my attention.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

JaG and Lingerie Dreams

Just wanted to say thanks to JustAGirl for throwing my blog up in people's faces today. I'm always happy to have more visitors... because I'm lonely... and starved for attention...

In other BlogSpot news: Lingerie Dreams is another blog I am enjoying very much. I particularly like this one, and it's follow-up.

So, got an erection yet?

You decide

Joy and I were walking to meet Josh and Mirabelle for pool (2 Mondays in a row!) last night and passed by this place with those slatty kind of blinds... On one side of the room behind the window there was a man peeking out, his hand on one of the slats, clad in a blue suit, talking on his cell phone. Across the room there was a man lying face-up on the floor and as we passed by, a girl jumped on him. She looked kind of vicious, but as she landed on him, there was a kind of make-out quality about it.

We're pretty sure it was a martial arts studio, or an actors studio... but I'd like to know what you guys think. Leave comments with possible events that could have been taking place in this somewhat bizarre street-level room. Maybe someone will come up a scenario that answers the age-old question:

So, got an erection yet?

Monday, September 27, 2004

And now... the moment you've all been waiting for...

So, I think I might have scored some points on the Hotlanta Kink Test this weekend... ;-)

So, the last time I "talked" to Amber, you may recall it was something like this:

During that call, we decided to go out on Saturday night. And I just have to say, I think the shameless phone sex during that call was a result of the fact that Amber and I didn't really know each other all that well. We're still in the beginning exciting stage of the relationship where all you want to do is touch the other person constantly.

That said, I'll skip to Saturday by way of saying that I watched the Barbara Walters interview with that crazy teacher on Friday night. It was strange because the woman (who slept with her 13-year-old student) was clearly not clinically insane or anything like that. I think she just felt deprived of love at home and wanted someone who would care for her and make her feel appreciated. My guess is it's a self-esteem issue.

So, Saturday night, I put on a nice teal v-string and a matching teal mini (of the style I like to call a "fuck me"). I also wore a form-fitting pink t-shirt - a light, stretchy cotton blend. Amber and I had agreed to a 1-on-1 date (in Bachelor parlance) so that we could do what we wanted without worrying about friends, etc.

We met at a bar pretty late in the evening and talked for a while, danced for a while, and drank for a while. These activities overlapped each other, of course. We were at a straight club, and certainly reveled in the looks from the guys there when we were dancing (more and more sloppily as the night wore on) up on each
other. It's just kind of funny to see how excited guys get when you get two girls that close together. Of course, a bunch of guys tried to join our little dance party, at which point we had to dance away, or go sit down.

We were both a little sweaty and pretty drunk when Amber (finally) led me to a booth in a dimly lit area of the bar. We both knew what was going to happen at this point, but I think the anticipation only made it better.

"Is this the part where I sit on your face? Or your lap?" I asked her.

"Lap for now, silly," Amber asnwered.

So, I sat on her lap, sort of straddling her leg, and she wrapped her arms around me. I could tell I was getting pretty wet just sitting there, my skirt draped over her lap so my crotch was pressed onto her thigh (she was wearing a nice short skirt as well). Her right arm dropped from it's embrace and I felt it finding its way under my skirt. I squirmed around a little as she touched my through my undies.

"You're pretty wet," she commented in my ear, "have you been thinking about this for a while?"
"Only since Wednesday."
"Is anyone looking?" she asked.
"I hope so."

I looked around, and actually, there wasn't really anyone watching at that point. Bummer. That didn't mean I wasn't hot and bothered, though, and I started to moan as she pulled my undies aside to touch my clit. I had not before experience the feeling of dripping all over someone's leg, but Amber said something (can't remember exactly what) about how she liked it. I think that made me even more hot, because
her smooth leg felt good under my slippery *ahem* pussy. She was rubbing my clit for a couple minutes before a waitress came over. Yes, that's right, she was rubbing my clit and a waitress came over. I did my best to look composed, and hope that she just thought I was drunk, and not necessarily being masturbated right there.

Even while Amber ordered another drink, she kept pushing my buttons, so to speak. Then the waitress turned to me. I was able to get "Vodka Sour" after carefully measuring my breathing.

As the waitress walked away, Amber said "Oh my god, that was great! You were so awesome!" I felt more than a little embarassed, but was glad that at least somebody thought I pulled it off. I looked around and didn't think we'd drawn any other attention.

When the waitress came back with our drinks, she winked and said "On the house." If I hadn't been so close to cumming at that point, I think I would have died of embarassment. But with the alcohol and Amber's fingers, my thought process was not anywhere close to cohesive. I could feel my body tensing up, so I made no attempt to reach for my drink. Neither did Amber. She kept circling my clit with her finger. I grabbed the table with one hand, and her leg with the other and said "Don't stop." She held onto me with her left hand, and said "Come for me baby." That was all I needed, well that and she kept touching my clit faster until I finally came all over her fingers and leg.

"You are so hot," she said to me as I sat there gasping, and basking in the orgasmic glow, "I could fuck you all day."

"And I could let you," I shot back at her.

I was coming back to my senses and began thinking of a way to get her off, when she slid me off her lap, and then grabbed my hand and escorted me to the bathroom. She pushed (gently) me into a stall and followed me in. She spun me around so my back was to the door, and proceeded to sit down on the toilet. She pulled her thong down to her knees and started doing to herself what she'd just done to me. Needless to say, I was a little stunned and kind of stood there in disbelief as she touched herself, arching her back, tossing her hair around.

"Need any help?" I offered, realizing it was somewhat weak. She laughed in between gasps, and moaned "Nooo, honey. I just got so hot in there I needed to get off." "Does this help?" I asked pulling my shirt off. "Yessssssss." I almost wondered to myself if this was all really happening... it seemed a little too pornoesque...

Had she not just gotten me off, I probably would have been touching myself as well watching her do it. She was even pinching her nipples through her shirt and they started to stick out like two giant goosebumps. It couldn't help but be extremely hot.

After a couple minutes she grabbed the toilet-paper roll and threw her head forward groaning "Yesss, oooooooo, yessss."

As we left the bathroom, I had to ask, "So, do you get off in bathrooms often?" She said "Not at all. Not at all. But then, I don't get my dates off in public very often either."

We shared a long kiss outside the taxi outside her place. "Sorry for being so slutty back there," she apoligized, "I seriously have never done anything like that before." "Hey, don't apoligize," I offered, "I haven't either, but I certainly enjoyed it."

A: "Okay, good," she said, "so, then, maybe we can go out to dinner or do something, y'know, not involving getting each other off?"
Me: "Yeah. Just give me a call. And don't worry about it. I like getting off as much as the next girl."
A: "I know, I just didn't want us to be all about that."
Me: "Don't worry. I understand. Totally."

And with that I crawled back into the taxi and went home.

So, got an erection yet?

LeAnn Rimes - Tic toc

Heard this one on the radio this weekend and couldn't remember hearing something more clearly fraughty with innuendo in quite a while (perhaps since Genie in a Bottle). I guess maybe cause most songs written recently are pretty much overt in their sexual references.

I'm not sure if it's worth actually listening to, but hearing LeAnn Rimes voice singing about how to get it on with her is not all bad. ;-)

More to cum...

So, you got an erection yet?

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Hotlanta Kink Test

I just filled this out cause I wanted to see the questions they were asking. These quizzes are always good for a laugh (and sometimes some ideas ;) )

Your Hotlanta Kink Test score was 408!

Here is the chart so that you can see how you are rated:

100 or less You need to lighten up and live a little!
101 to 200 You have an average sex life in need of kink.
201 to 300 You have sweet hints of a kinky nature.
301 to 400 You are definitely a kinky player.
401 to 500 You are a major league kinkster!
501 to 600 Wow! You're too kinky for most!!!
601 or more SUPER FREAK ALERT! You da BOMB!

The maximum score for this test is 700.

I think being gay (or bi) probably helped me achieve my level of kinkiness.

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Friday, September 24, 2004

Joss Stone - I've Fallen in Love With You

The name of the song is kind of ironic... because I seem to have fallen in love Joss Stone. And it's not cause she's a white girl who sounds like a black girl. It's cause she's got soul and knows how to use it. The knowing part is key. (I've heard that simply knowing is half of the battle...)

This one seems like the official site, but I make no guarantees...

And of course, what kind of post would it be without some pictures...

Image Hosted by

I think she's writing down my number in that one.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

So, you got an erection yet?

(Haha! Do you like the new catchy end phrase? It was suggested by a reader [hooray for reader interaction!] I thought it would be particularly hilarious with this non-sex-related post. And if it makes me laugh, I don't care if anyone else laughs.)

Thursday, September 23, 2004

It's what we call "Phone Sex with the Babysitter"

So Amber moved up some on my list of wonderful people when she called last night to ask if I'd watched America's Next Top Model. Um, hell yeah I did! It's pretty much my favorite show ever! I mean, it's all girls plus Tyra Banks (who's pretty, despite her huge forehead). Then they dress up the girls in all kinds of different outfits to see who's the best looking. Of course, it's also fun to see them all trying to do their runway walks, etc.

Too bad she called during the Bachelor... but, I'm not so sure about that one this time around. The women (they're not girls this time around) are a little old, and frankly, Byron (the Bachelor) is pretty ugly. I think he'd be alright if he'd cut his damn hair. And he cut all the girls I wanted to see more of... so, we'll see if that stays on the schedule...

Joy was over watching the shows with me, so after they were over, she left, and I called Amber back. She was bored because she was babysitting a couple of her cousins and they'd gone to bed by that time. So, we talked about ANTM for a while, and then we talked about weekend plans. I'm not sure exactly when it was she started flirting instead of conversing, but it couldn't have been any later than when she said "Maybe this time we can find somewhere more private than the corner booth of a bar. Then we won't have to worry about getting caught. Unless you want to..."

While I'm not a big fan of PDA's (public displays of affection for all those computer geeks who just went "What??"), I do kind of like the idea of fooling around in public. I wouldn't describe it as the thrill of being caught, but more the thrill of turning other people on (which is part of why I'm doing this weblog). Speaking of turning people on, Amber's talk about getting it on this weekend turned both of us on. I'm pretty sure she was already a little hot and bothered from the kind of flirting she was doing, so when I said "Maybe I'll wear a nice short skirt for you" it was pretty much on.

"Are you going to sit on my lap?" she asked.
Me: I'll sit on your face.
A: Not in public you won't!
Me: No, I guess I just sit on your lap in public.
A: Will you let me touch you while you're sitting on my lap? (She said "touch you" in a way that was very clear what she meant)
Me: Only if other people might know what's going on under my skirt.

At which point she moaned a "Yessssss." And I said, "If you're touching yourself, then I'm going to have to do it too." "Then do it." she said. So, I unzipped my pants and stripped them off, and put a hand down the front of my underwear, as I'm sure she had done a while back.

Me: What if the kids parents come home?
A: Don't worry, I've got a skirt on... and satin underwear. Do you like satin underwear?

I just about creamed myself right there, cause who here doens't love satin underwear? I was wearing silkies of my own, and there is something that's just great about wet silk. And mine was getting pretty wet. I rubbed myself on my underwear to get some more of "the juices" on them (is this sounding a little like

Me: I love satin underwear. Are they getting a little wet?
A: Yeah, they're pretty wet. Maybe I'll take them off, put them in my purse.
Me: (rubbing my clit now) Yessss... do that.

There was some shuffling as I heard Amber taking off and stashing her underwear.

A: Are yours still on?
Me: Yeah, I like it that way.
A: What kind are they?
Me: Silk bikinis. I like feeling the wet silk on the back of my hand.
A: Yessssss.
Me: Maybe this weekend you can feel it on yours.
A: Oh god yes.

Okay... then... I think you can imagine the rest. But in case you need a little more, here's some pictures. ;-)

Image Hosted by

It's a guy... but it's also Sky. This one's a little more appropriate for the post:

Image Hosted by

This one as well (thanks to someone who subscribed me to a "panty biting" Google Alert!):

Image Hosted by

And one more - for Amber :)

Image Hosted by

Still without a catchy end phrase.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Another day, another phone call

I got a call from both Faith and Amber last night. I was kind of surprised by Amber's call, being as I just met her on Saturday. I kind of feel like I'm cheating on both of them with the other, but I'll try to be a guy about it, and just "play the field." Is that okay? Am I a bad person? Or am I just being a bitch and complaining about how I have two hot girls calling me while people out there are losing the ones they thought were right all over the place? I'm kind of thinking the latter. Sorry about that. I'll keep my bitching and moaning to a minimum. Well, at least the bitching ;-)

Also last night I went to dinner with Joy and we went to (a sneak preview - sssssh don't tell anyone! - for) Shaun of the Dead. For anyone who hasn't heard of it, good. It was hilarious. Definitely one of the best movies I've seen. Of course, I was forced into seeing 28 Days Later earlier this summer, but seeing this movie makes it totally worth it. I think that one should see that one, or something like Dawn of the Dead before seeing Shaun, 'cause it's clearly a parody (in the vein of the Scary Movie series). Don't worry, it's much higher quality than that kind of movie (it's British for starters), but it does help having seen the material being parodied (sp?). Joy hadn't seen any zombie movies, though, and she still thought it was great. So, that's that.

In other news, I got to 81 hits yesterday! A new record!

And now for some pictures!

She's hot - yes, even though she's (technically) fully clothed.

Image Hosted by

She's hot - cause she's got a dildo and her hand down her underwear (that's always hot).

And my girl Sky:

Image Hosted by

Still without a catchy end phrase.

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Interesting Web Statistics

I thought this was interesting... I got 79 hits to this page on Saturday when I didn't even post anything. Isn't that kind of weird? I mean, it's certainly not inexplicable (the explanation being that once someone reads one of my posts, they want to read all of them ;) )... just kind of odd...

Also, today so far, I'm up to 71! Looking to set a new record!!! Come on web surfers and read my blog! Look below for more interesting content. ;)

Still without a catchy end phrase.

Pool, Monday Night Football, and Hope For All Man-kind

Went out last night with Joy, Mirabelle, and Josh to play some pool. There's a place where the pool is free on Monday nights. Can't argue with that.

Just to let everyone know that I'm not living is some sort of lesbian utopia, there was a girl there with her boyfriend who was playing pool AND watching the football game! I wasn't watching the game, but I could tell she was interested. And not bad looking either. So there you have it guys. Keep your chins up, and your eyes open. There are girls out there who will play pool and watch football, and probably be pretty good in bed (or at least look good in bed).

Still trying to think of a catchy end phrase.

Over 200!

My statcounter tells me that I've gotten over 200 unique visitors to this weblog now! Wow! That's crazy to think that more than 200 have looked at my little old weblog...

Still trying to think of a clever end phrase.

Sky Lopez and the Thong (Panty) Bite

Here it is... my favorite girl biting her thong undies.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Here's some more investigative reporting on the panty-biting phenomenon...

Monday, September 20, 2004

Easy like Sunday morning

So, after wathing the Barbara Walters retrospective with Joy on Friday night, we decided to get out for a little fresh air on Saturday. We went to a couple bars with Josh and Mirabelle (another cog in the wheel that is the spiderweb of my life). Mirabelle and I were both in Financial Education in school. She's hispanic and as such, quite attractive (I have a little bit of a thing for hispanic girls - not so much the guys, cause they're usually kind of greasy, but the girls are hawt). Faith was out of town visiting some friends. I wasn't lonely, and only missed her in that it would have been fun to go out with her.

Speaking of hawt hispanic girls, I met a nice (and by nice, I mean gorgeous) one at one of the bars we went to. Technically, right in front of the bar. Her name is Amber. She has blonde hair (I think it's dyed, but it look pretty good with her Spanish eyes) We made out off in a dark corner. She let me feel her up. I let her feel me up. I think I would have let her touch my in naughty places, but we were in public. I've done dirty things in public before, but I just wasn't up for it right then. I mean, I had just met this girl. I did get her number, though, so hopefully naked hotness will occur at some point. To make it easier for others to visualize - much as I did with Faith - I will provide my readers with a stunning likeness of Amber via a famous model (or in this case porn star).

Image Hosted by

She looks a lot like Sky Lopez. Which is funny, because I've always (I mean, at least since the first time I saw her) had a crush on Sky. I hate how her boobs look like they're simply balloons glued onto her chest, but at least they're a reasonable enough size so as not to distract from the rest of her absolutely angelic (or demonic, depending on what pictures you see) face and incredible body.

I found a ton of pictures of Sky, but I'll wait and use them to post as things happen with Amber. And on a related side note, I found the picture(s) of Sky biting her panties that I'd been looking for. She is the hottttest panty-biter I have seen yet.

Still trying to think of a catchy end phrase.

That Ashely Girl's Quiz

So, That Ashley Girl came up with this quiz last week and I've been meaning to do it for a while (even though it took me all of like 2 seconds, once I actually sat down and did it). And here it is:

Do you mind sex questions?


Have you had sex with two guys in the same 24-hour period?


Have you had sex in a public place?


Do you like having your hair pulled during sex?


Do you like being spanked during sex?


Do you swallow?


What's your favorite position, reverse cowgirl?


Do you go crazy and bounce up and down?


Do you like it from behind?


Are your breasts sensitive?


Does getting your nipples kissed turn you on?


Have you licked your own nipple?


Have you had a cock between your breasts?


Do you think you would like two guys doing you at the same time?


Have you kissed girls?


With tongue?


Was it in front of guys?


Have you done more than kiss a girl?


Have you played with a guy's ass?


Have you sucked balls?


Has a guy asked you to do something and you've said no?


Have you ever cheated?


Do you own a vibrator?


When a guy is going down on you, will you grab his head and move it to the right spot if need



Your first blow job, did he ask?


Was it the same guy you lost your virginity to?


Did he return the favor?


Have you ever had cyber sex?


Have you ever masturbated in front of someone?


Have you given a blow job to a guy while he is driving?


Have you been caught masturbating?


Have you been walked in on having sex?


Have you ever been to a strip club?


Have you had anal?


Have you had your ass licked?


Did you like it?


Is this quiz over?


Sunday, September 19, 2004

Making the weekend worthwhile

Time for another naughty, picture-filled weekend post! (Courtesy of [ed: the photos have been re-arranged for better presentation - tomorrow we'll have a bunch of much more beautiful and unfunnny pictures]

Image Hosted by

I guess I just thought this girl was worth showing... The rest of these are the best pictures I could find (for free at least). I'd say that this site needs to get some better models. I like the natural amature-ness, but they're just not that hot... :( I have to admit I find the "panty" concept intriguing, but also fairly ridiculous. As JaG noted in a previous post's comments - girls don't actually do this stuff...

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

I can see sometimes wanting some nice silk or satin underwear rubbing your clit. I prefer satin gloves, though... ;)

By the way, this one has never happened outside of porn. I'm okay with rubbing with underwear, but shoving them inside? I don't think so.

Image Hosted by

Friday, September 17, 2004

The Word

Panties (and panty as well) is quite possibly the worst word ever. Tip to guys: Never, ever say panties in front of a girl. It cannot possibly do any good. Ever.

I don't know who made up the word panties, but I'm sure women everywhere would applaud if he (or she) were drawn and quartered and each remaining piece were stabbed and shot several times, then incinerated in a furnace until nothing remained but bones, and then we could hire someone to pound the bones into dust and spread that dust through not only the 7 oceans of the world, but send some to Mars, and another to Uranus (or Neptune or Pluto - whichever one is made of gas), and another into the Sun, to make sure that the peices of evil are never again united.

And if you thought panties was bad: its singular form is even worse: panty. Mostly because you can call a single pair "panties" (because they are "a pair" somehow). So why would one ever need to say "panty"? Like "Honey, I'm not wearing a panty right now." Does that even sound grammatically correct? I should hope not.

Finally, on the topic of (wet) panties, check out this site: I'll post some pics from it later when I've had time to pick out the best ones. I can't decide if they're kind of sexy or just hilarious. It's like, "Yes, this is what all girls do by themselves with their underwear". Haha!

Still trying to think of a catchy end phrase...

No he didn't!

So, today one of my students asked how long I'd taught at our school. I told him "2 years" very truthfully. And then he "whispered" to his friend "She must be that fine-ass teacher he was talkin' 'bout." Then another girl said "Shut up! She heard you! She heard you!" Luckily I was facing the blackboard, and was able to stifle my laughter (and a little bit of embarassment) and turn around fully composed. The girl asked me "Did you hear that?" And I just replied, "Hear what?"

Sure maybe they think I'm hard of hearing now, but I think it's better than having them knowing I heard them calling me "fine-ass." I did enjoy the compliment, though. :)

Image Hosted by

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I like it deep

Talked to Faith last night. Just on the phone... no panty biting involved (though maybe next time she comes over we'll try tasting our undies). We didn't even get close to talking about our "relationship"; which was fine with me, cause I don't know where this whole thing is going. It's like, now that gay marriage is becoming legal all over the place, am I supposed to get married some day? I mean, I know some girls dream about their wedding and everything, but then some girls run off to Vegas like Britney and get drunk and married... I've never really cared for weddings that much myself. They're just kind of self-involved, especially big ones where the bride and groom (or groom and groom? or bride and bride? [ed: HOT!]) can't possible talk to everyone there.

When gay marriage has been around long enough (it will become legal everywhere in one form or another, eventually I think ) will it just be assumed that every person will be married to some other person at some point in their life? Cause it's kind of a given now that straight people are gonna get married, right? And it seems like that's a lot of stress to put normal people under. Like it's not enough to live, have friends, work, work some more, and then find someone who's "perfect for you". Am I just being cynical here? Cause I hate cynical lesbos. Man.

So anyway, there are quite a few gay and lesbian [student] couples where I teach and I sometimes wonder what the world is going to be like in a few years when they're grown-up and ready to get married. Are they going to run off to the ends of the contiguous US to get married, or will they be able to get a certificate in any state they choose?

Whew. Enough with that...

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Panty Biting

This crazy guy (aka Jordan) has been talking about this panty biting thing likes it's a pervasive force in the porn industry. No offense, but I've seen some porn in my day and have yet to come across more than a single photo with a woman (or man even)biting panties. (I'll try to find the picture again, but I'm fairly sure I shouldn't do that at work)

My theory: Panty biting is a Canadian thing and only people who are looking around for Canadian porn have encountered this so-called phenomenon.

As for the word panty, that's a whole other post entirely.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Free Shipping!

I got an email from Frederick's of Hollywood (I love my undies!) saying they were offering free shipping until the end of the week. I thought to myself, cool, I'll check that out later. I checked it out later, and this time was confronted with the fine (although not that fine) print: on orders of $100 or more.

Now, I love buying new underwear and everything, but does anyone really spend that much money - even on playful underthings - at once?

There's a lot of clothing companies that send out those kinds of bogus offers, and I hate it! They always get my hopes up, and then I realize that I don't make enough money to spend $100 on whatever kind of apparrel they're peddling. And even if I did make enough, I'd have the sense to wait until a real offer comes along. I am no shopping fool. I get my shit cheap.

I guess I could spend $68 on this corset:

and then be over $100 by the time I got the matching things to go with it.

Do people really do that????

I mean, I'd be happy to buy all that if it came with the model as well...

I would, though - as a teacher of finance and economics - like to know how many people actually take companies up on these offers. Unfortunately, as with most junk email, it probably only takes one to make it worth sending the email.

Sigh. Visions of all kinds of new silks and strings have vanished...

Still trying to think of a catchy end phrase.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Lindsey Answers Your Letters

An reader who will remain anonymous (for now) wrote me an email with this description (I'm hoping he/she won't mind that I post it... along with my response.

The female average for height in women is about 5'5", but I would probably bet that you're taller than that, probably 5'8". People probably always tell you that you have nice eyes, or a nice smile. I would guess blonde-ish hair, maybe brown w/ blonde streaks. I would guess that you have an avergae build, but with a nice butt. I'm guessing that (when you're not teaching) you're a regular tanktop wearer, and when you were in college probably wore cheerleader shorts to class. You probably don't wear glasses, but I'm almost certain that you wear contacts and have brown eyes. And a navel piercing. Definitely more than one earring in each ear. Most of your jeans are probably that "pre-faded in the ass and thigh" look. I'm guessing you have nice teeth, but you had to wear braces for a long time to get them like that -- don't worry, lots of people had to have braces. You are probably a very good smelling girl... I like that. You probably wear scarves in your hair sometimes, and I'll bet that you like wearing make-up. My guess is that you're on the girlier side of things, and probably like lip-gloss.

How close am I? I have less to go on than you do, so it's really not fair.

I'd say you're right for the stereotype you have picked out for me.
However, I've never been in a sorority, so you can throw everything
above out the window. Not that it wasn't close, cause it kind of was,
but just because I am not the girl you described above.

I am 5'6" (so, yes, above average, but not by much). I do indeed have
nice eyes and a nice smile, but people do not tell me that nearly
enough. I have blonde hair (you're like "So, I was right about
everything so far..."). I am a regular tank top wearer, but I dress
much cuter than that when I'm teaching. For example, today I have
tight-ass black pants and a pink/brown/black/creme-striped shirt with
one of those kind of belt/tie things around the waist. I also wore my
sassy pointed shoes today.

Here's a tip: When guessing what a girl looks like/wears, don't ever
say she wore cheerleader shorts in college. Here's why: If she
didn't, she'll probably be insulted you think she did (eg: me),and if
she did, she doesn't really care that you figured out she did.

Sorry if it seems like I'm tearing you apart a lot here... sometimes
you have to tear it down to build it back up.

I don't have glasses or contacts, my eyes are freakin fantastic. No
navel piercing. And no extra-curricular piercings anywhere else,
either, so don't get any ideas. I do have 3 earrings, though. I hate
the pre-faded look for anything. Especially jeans with ass and thigh
fades. It's like those jeans are trying to say "look at my ass" when
you could just as well have normal jeans that say "look at my ass" (as
mine do) because you have a terrific ass. I do love my body. ;) And
I might love it some more tonight, if you know what I mean. I never
had braces, but I do smell good (even when I fart. Ha!) I wear
scarves in my hair on casual occassions, and I also wear them on my
neck at school sometimes. I like wearing make-up, but I always try
not to put too much on. And I LOVE lip-gloss. Hee hee. I think it's
my secret vice.

And you're right, I'm a pretty girly girl. Although I did run cross
country in high school (I was NOT a cheerleader), and I like
basketball (quite a bit for a girl, I think), and I like playing video
games (not all the time, but sometimes).

Still trying to think of a catchy end phrase...

Sunday, September 12, 2004

The Good Lindsey

Faith and I are not to the point where she spent the night at my place (even though we both put out on the first date). So, I woke up this morning and went to church. I'm sure some people are like WHAT???? Well, yeah. I go to church. I don't really believe in going to church the way my parents do (even though we go to the same church), but I do believe in God. It's somewhat of an understanding God and I have. There are other gay people at my church, so that's not a problem. In fact, it makes me feel more welcome there. I don't really like singing the hymns nor listening to the pastor, but I go because I feel like I know God (or at least his middle managers) will be listening there when I reflect on my life. And it makes my parents and their friends happy when I go.

Another good weekend ;-)

I guess the weekend is a good time to get naughty. ;-)

So, I finally called Faith on Friday. She understood... somewhat. I mean, it wasn't like she called me either. But she was happy I called. So, that's good. She already had plans Friday night, but we arranged for a "date" on Saturday... and it actually kind of was. I did a little bit of lesson planning then on Saturday, in case I needed to sleep in a little on Sunday ;-).

I went to Best Buy with Joy, too, to buy a printer. They have strict limits on how much we can print at school, and though there are ways to circumvent that, sometimes it's easier (and higher quality) to just print shit at home and take it to school. It can save some time and planning effort as well. So I have a nice new HP color printer with a scanner built in, too!

At Best Buy they had Donnie Darko (the original one) for only $9.99, so I bought that. I never saw it when it came out (cause it was out for all of like a week), and I've been meaning to rent it for a while.

Faith called in the afternoon and said she was up for a pretty chill night (since she'd partied pretty hard Friday night). I suggested dinner and a movie (so typical), so we went to the Mexican place down the street and came back and watched Donnie Darko. Good buy, then, no? :-)

We both liked it, cuckoo though it was. We even managed to watch the whole thing without jumping each other's bones. We were cuddling and hugging and stuff, but I made the decision a while ago that when I decide to watch a movie, I'm going to watch the movie. This applies moreso to movies in the theater; since, no offense to anyone I've made out with, but why would I pay $8 to go out and make out when I could do it at home for free? We both agreed that Maggie Gyllenhaal is a cutie - as is Jake. I'm worried it might be stereotyping Faith too much since I've already said how she's got dark hair and wears darker make-up, and now she likes Donnie Darko too...

Once the movie was over, we had no trouble gettting naked and sweaty. We stripped each other down before even leaving the couch. I'll try to describe it, but I've included the following pictures for those of you who are visual learners.

I don't think I mentioned it last time, but Faith has a great tongue. She was able to keep it on my clit until I was practically pushing her away. My arms said no, but my legs wrapped around her shoulders most definitely said yes. And that was just on the couch.

I took her into the bedroom to do my part for her orgasm. And she certainly did. I love that her hair is just short enough to be there, but not so long that it gets stuck in your teeth. I think she was hydrating all day to recover from the hangover, because she was juicy. I feel bad for straight girls sometimes, because guys legs are hairy, but girls are so soft and smooth. I love rubbing my cheeks on girls' smooth skin when taking a break from licking their clit.

Faith didn't give me much of a break (but I didn't really give her one either). I was still dripping as I licked her clit and she dug her heels (not too softly) into my back. I kept looking up to see her arching her back, moaning, and grabbing her chest with one hand (she massaged my head with the other).

She covered my face as I made her come and she was one of the best tasting girls I've had the pleasure of knowing. And I do mean "pleasure." After wiping off, we kissed (the French kind) while she fingered my clit. And soon I was coming again. My body was totally flushed and I grabbed her hand, pressing it to me, signalling her to keep going. I took my index finger to her clit then, but she pushed it away, whispering "Still too sensitive. Hold on a sec." So she rubbed me and I bucked my hips against her and came all over her hand.

I think that's enough of a description for now... and this is me now:

Still trying to think of a catchy end phrase.

Friday, September 10, 2004

Another Lindsey

This girl's name is Lindsey too! And she's blonde (like I am), she's natural, and she likes mini-skirts! Wait a second, is that me? (There's more pictures of her here -- you might even get to see her naked ;-) )

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Another day, Another post


Some more pictures that reminded me of Faith. ;-) I think I've fallen hard in lust... Oops.

In other news: The "computer science" class I'm teaching for the first time (which got me to start this weblog in the first place) is going well. Of course, most of the curriculum is already done by the other teacher - let's call him "Dave". (Though it wasn't the way I was taught, I've heard that putting the punctuation outside the "quotes" is now the proper way to do things... Thanks, mom!) Dave is great in that he is kind of a geek and really enjoys teaching computers, so he's happy to come up with all the lesson plans and all I have to do is execute.

The other classes are going well, and the kids seem to be behaving much more than they did last year. I've got some kids that I've had before (cause I teach two classes, not 'cause they're stupid), and it's fun to see them again.

I guess that's it for now... Still trying to think of some catchy sign-off phrase.

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Somethin' for the Honeyz

I found the picture linked from the title of this post on Death by Love at First Sight and it kind of reminded me of Saturday night cause of the blonde with the brunette. I guess that's kind of where the similarities end, since we both had most of our clothes on, and no lacy underwear was involved... but maybe you get the idea... (you can scroll down to Tuesday's post if you need to figure out what I'm talking about)

Also, I haven't called Faith yet and she hasn't called me. I've been busy getting ready for school - that's my excuse. I'm thinking I might call her and use this line:
"Hey, you want to come over, and we can get some pizza and fuck?"
Cause she'd be like
"Yeah, sure, that's cool."

RSS feeds

Now that I have an RSS reader (and an RSS feed to go with it!) I feel like everyone needs to have an RSS feed for their site. When I get to sites (especially weblog-type sites) that don't have RSS feeds, I get inexplicably annoyed, like they're breaking some kind of web law or something... It's like, I don't want to have to check your website every day to see if you've posted something new; I'm busy, I've got lesson plans to do!

The web should cum to me!!

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Long Weekend (aka Mini-Skirt Mayhem)

Friday night was fun and all, but fairly uneventful. Went out with Joy, Sarah, and Evan to some clubs. Danced. Drank. You know...

The rest of the weekend has kind of blown me by. It had been a very good weekend, though, hence my inability to write about it in my weblog...

Saturday, Joy and I went shopping at the outlet malls for 5 hours (Sarah and Evan were doing stuff with his parents). It was great. I got a totally sexy skirt at BCBG Maxazria (which may be my new favorite store - besides Victoria's Secret, of course). The outlet store was crowded with pushy girls, though, so that somewhat dampened the thrill of it. I got some other cute stuff, but the skirt was definitely the highlight (too bad I can't find a picture online). It's short, pleated, with an attached belt for extra sass points. I like the way my ass makes it kind of flare out... ;)

After the shopping, Sarah and Evan came over and we hung out for a while before we went to Josh's place for the party. I was certainly not disappointed with that. As I said before, I was hoping for hot people, and there were. Nicole was there too, but Jasmine told me that she'd asked her about it and apparently she didn't remember much of what was recorded on my computer (I don't really remember her fondling me either, but after seeing it, I wish I could).

So, after a few drinks I was talking to a friend of Josh's named Faith - who actually kind of looks like Eliza Dushku (not that I even watched Buffy for anything besides her) - but she was pretty hot. Long dark hair, radiant smile, dark brown eyes, and cherry cola lipstick (she told me - I love the cherry cola). I guess it sounds just like Eliza, but she only somewhat looked like her.

Anyway, we talked for a while about how we knew Josh and where we went to school, and what we were doing now... She's a web designer, she knows Josh from work, and the rest you can probably make up for yourself. I wasn't sure at first if she would want to get to know me better (if you know what I mean), but usually, when a girl talks to you at a party with hot guys for as long as she did, she's not just being nice.

I was wearing my new skirt, and after complimenting it, and asking where I got it, she asked me what was under it. Thanks for not fucking around Faith! :) I told her I had a new v-string from Victoria's that I had just picked up when I got the skirt as well. She asked if I'd show her, and after checking to see if anyone was looking, I obliged. She leaned close to me and whispered (over the music, of course) "So, those have never been wet before." "Nope," I replied. "You want to find somewhere more private and see if we can change that?" she said, putting her hand on my leg at the hem of my skirt. "I think we already did," I whispered loudly back. She boldly reached up as if to check, then grabbed my hand and we went upstairs. All of the bedrooms were empty, so I picked the one I knew to be Josh's (since I don't know his roommates that well). I sat on his bed, and Faith dropped to her knees without any prompting from me. She pulled my tiny v-string aside and licked my clit until I practically pulled her hair out. I, being the considerate lady I am, got her up on the bed and returned the favor. She talked dirty to me - which I certainly enjoyed - until she couldn't really form words and then she just moaned. We cuddled for a while afterward, and that was sweet. I mean, we had the time, no one else was using the room, so why not?

We went back downstairs and did kind of a self-aware exchange of numbers. It sounds bad, but I love being self-aware, especially when you can share with other people. It's like "Hey, this is awkward, but at least we're both aware of it, so it's okay." I offered her my number, and she made a point of giving me her, to eliminate "any balls from the court. Cause who needs balls?" And she winked. I liked her wink, it was definitely cute.

So, anyway, I've got her number and she's got mine... who knows?

On to Sunday... whew! I started writing this post Sunday morning, but Joy called and wanted to go buy some shoes she'd seen at a store last week and couldn't decide between the two pairs she wanted to buy. So, we went out and I helped her make up her mind. We came home and cooked some ramen (the expensive, fancy kind) together. Then we went to a/the poetry slam with Sarah and Evan (who'd spent the day doing more family-related stuff). It was a really good one. There was this great guy who looked like huge trucker or biker or something who had a suprisingly (given his appearance) touching poem.

We went out to Karaoke and some dancing after the slam. I was just having fun. Meeting one girl a weekend is enough for me!

Yesterday I woke up real late and just got my stuff ready for school. Got all my rosters, lesson plans. syllabi in order... Watched the late news, and stayed up to watch Ken kick some ass again on Jeopardy.

Had to wake up way too early this morning since it's the first day of classes. It's going pretty well so far though. More on that later. I think this post is long enough as it is now...

I hope to every God out there that I never have to write this long of a post again.

Johnny Cash Was Great...

And so is this guy's weblog at The link should take you to a great lip-stick lesbian post. Be careful, it's probably not work safe... ;) That's why we like it!

Don't worry, I'm working on a post for this weekend! It was exciting for sure... I have been trying to get the post done since Sunday, but things keep popping up!

More to come...

Sunday, September 05, 2004

I'm not usually a webcam girl (Friday)

There's a lot of things to talk about from this weekend, so I'll type as fast as I can, even though I still have a little bit of a headache.

I'll start where I left off with my last post and the webcam videos we made Thursday night. They were half-hilarious, a quarter-titilating, and a quarter dirty. Not that dirty... but...

Well, I remember when Sarah said that Joy and I should do a make-out video for the boys, cause it would be funny to see their reactions. However, Joy and I have a strict no make-out policy (Joy is fully gay, by the way, and I'm a poet and won't finish that thought). We're best friends and stuff, and we both like girls, but in a Seinfeldian sort of way we agreed that it would be best for our relationship if we didn't make out.

So, instead, I made out with Nicole. That's right. And from the video, it doesn't look like we were fuckin around. Like usually when drunk girls make out, you get some kissing, then some giggling, then maybe some tongue, and laughing out loud. But this was some real live action. As far I know Nicole is straight, but if the other girls hadn't been there, I think she would've stolen second base (yes, I know about the bases. At least, I know what Josh and other boys have deigned to explain to me.).

I know it probably seems preposterous at this point, but Nicole is pretty hot. Hot as in I would not mind having her as a make-out (and perhaps eat-out) buddy. She's got dark hair and is almost Hispanic, and maybe a little Greek, looking. Not a bad body. A little bit wide in the hips (I can say that because I haven't told anyone I'm writing all this, and I don't plan to!)... but overall very attractive.

You're probably like, She can't be serious, how many hot lesbo friends can she have?? Well, like I said, I didn't think Nicole was gay and she's probably not. :-( I think the alcohol was doing the thinking for her. I can say that because she was once again drunk on Saturday night at Josh's party and we did not pick from where anything left off (don't worry, I'll get to all that). Of course, I didn't remember the whole thing from Thursday night until I saw the video, so maybe Nicole doesn't either... Or maybe she's just embarrassed by it. I don't know. I'm gonna play the old wait-and-see game with that one (since she's Jasmine's friend, I don't want to start anything that would make it awkward later on).

More to cum... ;-)

Friday, September 03, 2004

Thursday Evening Mini-party

So, Sarah and Evan came over last night, as did Josh, Joy (like she had far to go), Jasmine, her husband Jorge, and her friend Nicole. (Seems like a lot of people... maybe cause I haven't introduced the last three. Here's the quickie: Jasmine is another teacher at my school. She's one of the few young enough to be my friend. She's married to Jorge, who does business stuff. Her friend Nicole is also a teacher, but at a different school. They met at a teaching conference thing a couple years ago. I see her pretty much exclusively with Jasmine, but she's always fun.).

It's been a while since I'd seen S&E, so we just hung out and drank and went down the street for some Mexican take out. Decided to save the partying for the weekend, since most of us had to go to work today. That didn't stop us from getting pretty sloppy, though. I'm sure they appreciated that at the Mexican place. ;-)

We just talked about New York, stuff they'd been doing, stuff we'd been doing. Then the boys played video games (on the Xbox Joy and I stole from a frat our senior year; we were pissed at them one night [if you don't know, frat boys can get pretty annoying], so we just decided to take their Xbox; yeah, we were pretty drunk, but since most people around were drunker, we pulled it off pretty well).

So, while the boys were playing games, the girls stalked people on Friendster and made webcam videos. Friendster is great because it's like but you don't have to pay for it. You can look up people from school and figure out where they live and who their friends are.

Making webcam videos was fun. I don't remember making 8 of them, but I checked this morning and had Video1.avi thru Video8.avi... Should be fun to see what's on there when I get home (posting from school right now. hehe...).

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Lip-Stick Lesbienne Sighting!

Click the link in the title to check out some picture of Elin Grindemyr. She's a Swedish model I found from this weblog. Here's another site, too... ;)

Victoria's Secret Summer Sale

In case you hadn't heard - they're having their summer sale. 70% off pretty much everything!

Dog Days of Summer

Way to party it up on my last before school starts! I watched Amish in the City (which is great, by the way) with Joy (my roommate in college who now lives across the hall - it's very "Friendly" if you know what I mean). Since it was my last day to be lazy, that's what I did.

Any by now, people are probably like "This is the worst weblog ever. Lindsey's life is totally boring." I promise it will get better! Sarah and Evan are coming in from New York tomorrow for Labor Day weekend. Sarah and Evan are also friends from college. Sarah was my friend originally and she brought Evan into the fold. Now they're on the fast track to engagement after being conspicously monogamous for three years. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Josh (yes, another college friend) said he'd have a party at his place (hopefully with his hot friends... male and female; it seems that all the people he knows were hit repeatedly with the beautiful stick) so we'd have something to do with Sarah and Evan. Not to imply that where I am is totally lame or anything... it's really cool, but sometimes you have that awkwardness with people who haven't seen each other for a while and you don't want to just be standing around, at least not for too long.

No one I know will be in labor on Labor Day. Ha. Now I will go look up what Labor Day really is...

shit! I had thought of a good phrase to end the post(s) with, but now I am completely blanking! Well, I guess that's it for now, then.