Thursday, December 30, 2004

To those in East Asia

I feel like kind of a heel for not mentioning it sooner, since all the other blogs I read are... My heart goes out to those in East Asia. I'm going to donate to the Red Cross on Amazon, but I know that it won't be even close to enough to ease the pain and suffering of so many.

I will keep you all in my prayers.

Slut Test

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Okay, obviously this test is not an accurate measure of sluttiness... because I'm sure you all know that I'm far sluttier than 52%. I mean, JaG, who I got the test from, was 58% slutty, and I feel (at least from reading her blog) that I'm at least as slutty as her...

I'm so dissappointed in myself. ;(

So, how slutty are you?

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

A Trimmed Kinky Bush

How do you prefer your bush? I actually really like shaved, but I don't like the stubble. When shaved, I find that I have to shave everyday to keep it how I like it and that leads to some unsightly bumps after a while. I've settled into the routine of shaving and then letting it grow every once-in-a-while. Tonight though, I trimmed. I've never just trimmed before.

I like it.

It's so soft. It certainly feels better than a thick bush and it's so soft... i just want to keep touching it. I might have to stay trimmed for a while, seems to have the benefits of shaving (cleaner, neater, more sensitive) without all the draw backs (everyday upkeep, itchy stubble, bumps and irritated skin).

So guys, is trimmed okay -- or do you just have to have completely shaved? Ohh and all you people who prefer a thick bush, I don't like it. Too much hair for me.

Instead of just commenting on her site, I'll hook up KB with a link... and offer my opinion:

I LOVE trim bush. :) I almost prefer it to shaved. It's nice to have some hair there, because complete shave jobs can look a little freaky unless you work in porn. It's softer too, and - as KB points out - much easier to maintain since you can let it grow a little.

So, got the scissor out yet?

Friday, December 17, 2004

This Girl Friday: Ashleigh

So, I had 2 people request that I bring back TGF. I found enough pictures of this hot Canadian girl (Jordan, are you paying attention?) to have two TGF posts... So, I'm going to do just that... where's the catch, you say? Here it is:

The Catch

Since 2 people emailed and asked for this... I'm going to require that 3 people email me next week to get the rest of Ashleigh's pictures (sure, you could probably find them yourself, but I've already picked out all the good ones anyway). I will withhold the pictures until I get 3 people within a one week period to email me asking for them. :) So there.

I know she's kind of slutty looking in some of the pictures, and she even looked kind of ugly in some pictures... she's not a perfect girl, but she's willing to put herself out there. And that's pretty sexy.

Now, on with the pictures...

She is indeed Canadian.

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Since it's almost Christmas, this one seemed appropriate:

Image Hosted by

She's a lip-stick lesbienne. Ain't nothing wrong with that. :)

Image Hosted by

Must be praying that I'm coming over later... ;)

Image Hosted by

And there's this series:

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by

And part of the series for next time (just to entice you...)

Image Hosted by

So, got an erection yet?

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Fan Mail

I've been getting quite a bit of fan mail recently... and it makes me feel both good and bad. Good, obviously, because people have said they like the stuff I've posted, but bad for somewhat abandoning them...

A couple readers in particular asked for me to at least post This Girl Friday, if nothing else. Problem is, I haven't come across any girls lately that I really feel are worthy... (I haven't been looking quite as much... with Amber around, y'know)

So, for those readers, does anyone have a girl they'd like to nominate for This Girl Friday? Use that email link to let me know...

The other alternative is this: If I get 2 (which would double the current amount) more requests for TGF, then I'll look a little harder (to make you a little harder. ;) )

Also, thanks for the emails... seriously, it's pretty cool that you all find me so entertaining even with all the other pornoblography you could be looking at out there.

So, got a suggestion for TGF yet?