Tuesday, February 22, 2005


So, Amber is gone on business this week - left yesterday... until Friday. Which means I'll have to be fucking myself for a few days... Luckily, I figured out BitTorrent (or rather, Azaureus) last night, and woke up to some nice big porn files on my computer. I took a quicky preview of The Krystal Steal Show and, while I think the girl is not that good looking, it looks like a pretty hot movie. Girls with strap-ons is never a bad thing.

And speaking of strap-ons... Amber said she was thinking about getting me (us) a strap-on for Valentine's Day, but wasn't sure if I'd be down with that. I've been going out with her how long, and she didn't know if I'd be down with that???

Anyway, I showed her my favorite video of Sky and the exploding strap-on (by exploding, I mean like a real dick). She also thought it was hilarious, and somewhat exciting. I don't think she was as interested in the cum part as I was, but that's okay. She'll probably get to be the "man" most of the time anyway. Yup, we're going to get one... soon enough. We've been shopping (online), to find a good one. If you've got any suggestions, I'm happy to hear them.

In the mean time, I'll just have to use my other toys... since there's no one here to strap a fake cock onto anyway...

So, got an erection yet? ;-)

Friday, February 18, 2005

Check out those lips!

And I'm not talking about her mouth... ;-)

So, got a newfound respect for Canada yet?

From Kami Land

I love the hand under the skirt in this picture. It's totally/definitely the best part.

This Girl Friday x 3: Fuck, Marry, Kill

This game is old... but this site does a good job of bringing it to the web. And it's a pretty good way to check out girls you might not have heard of...

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Sex Kitten

Um... So, I've been trying for a while to write up some sexual exploits... then I read something like this... How can I compete with being fucked in public? Not gonna happen. I mean, I've certainly done some shit in public... but being bare ass naked and fucked with an audience? I don't know if I can top that for pure sexual sex.

So, go over and read SexKitten (and Kinky Bitch while you're at it), and I'll see if I can get up enough courage to have Amber lick my pussy in front of the Virgin Megastore... or maybe the Victoria's Secret... or maybe both.


So, had anyone watch you lately?

Tasty Teacher

Must Pay Attention in Class

Dataste is a pretty good blog. They have funny stuff and hot girls every once in a while to spice it up. I thought this one was appropriate. ;)

So, got a teacher fetish yet?

Fluffersmut Street Team brightens my day...

Every once in a while they've got something good... Worth subscribing too. :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Partial Posts

I've gone through the Big-Ass Blogroll over there and eliminated those feeds with partial posts... I hate partial posts.

And I don't understand the reason for them... I mean, maybe your blogging service doesn't offer that? Okay, fine... but it should. Blogger offers me the choice, and I don't know how many people use partial posting from Blogger instead of full posting, but why would you not use foll posts?

One reason (and, though I don't think this is the case with many of the blog I unsubscribed from, it does exist) is to get people to view the ads on your site. Um, I don't want to see the ads for all the porn services that are sponsoring you. If they're sponsoring you, it probably means they're a pay service, and I can find porn for free pretty easily, thank you very much.

Another reason I don't like visiting sites is because I often access my BlogLines account from work (aka a high school)... I get enough of people's naked bodies (though I've learned to anticipate which blogs will show that) through BlogLines that I don't want to risk clicking on a link and getting more naked people fucking on my screen. Also, there are some sites that (for obvious reasons) don't work at school. But most of the time they work from BlogLines. (Any HS students reading this might want to take note of that.)

Finally, it just annoys me. If you've got the ability to do full posts, just do it. If you're reading this, and you have a blog with partial posts, guess what? I'm not reading yours. Fine... if that upsets you and you want to unsubscribe from mine out of spite, be my guest. I've got enough to read without trying to determine whether the rest of your post is worth reading from the first part of it. Or if there is even enough left to read to make it worth clicking. (sometimes I would get huge pieces of partial posts and click and there was like 2 sentences left to read in the post... um... thanks...)

I'm through with people bringing me their tired, huddled, partial posts, yearning to breath full.

So, got a full, hard, throbbing, hot post for me yet?

Briana Banks

Raise your hand if you think Briana Banks is gross almost to the point of being unwatchable (not to mention being a terrible actress).

Raise your other hand if you think she should get a refund from her plastic surgeon (I've seen pictures of her pre-op, and she's actually a pretty girl).

Okay, now you can put your first hand back in your pants and your second hand back on the mouse, and resume doing what you were doing when you stumbled across this site. :)

(testing out a little advertising below... it'll be interesting to what kind of ads they serve for this site ;) )

Friday, February 04, 2005

This Girl Friday

I had another TGF (click on the title of the post for the gallery, obviously NSFW) ... but seems they moved it on me. But this girl is good people. So, don't worry.

So, got an erection yet?

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Has anyone ever heard this term before? I just thought it up right now, and I'm wondering if should copyright it or something?

(Cause those quizzes I take all the time are often called Memes... so taking it and posting it on your blog makes you a Memeber, right?)

Yeah... right...

Mind Games

A picture that might mess with your head a little... and describes last weekend pretty well (since Amber was gone... :( ).


Call me detail-oriented, but you can totally see this girl's lips... Ummmm, yeah... that's hawt.

So, got a car washer yet?

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Another Quiz/Test!!

Found this over at the JaG Spot... The HTML for this is like 3 pages long... It's a good one though... and show's how delightfully dirty I really am (unlike some other previous quizzes which I shall not link to for shame of being thought too innocent).

Your Ultimate Purity Score Is...
CategoryYour Score Average
When I think about you - or anyone - I touch myself
It takes a couple of drinks
Sex Drive 55.3%
A fool for love, but not always
Knows the other body type like a map
Gayness 3.6%
Makes Dr. Frank-n-Furter look tame
Fucking Sick77.9%
Refreshingly normal
You are 39.39% pure
Average Score: 72.7%

Gallery Spinner

More free porn! How great is the internet??? It still takes a while to get enough free porn to really get off (actually, this might be enough for guys ;) )... but I'm starting to find a lot more good ways to get free porn than ever before in the history of modern history.

So, taken a spin through the galleryspinner yet?