Thursday, May 05, 2005

Bikini Baby compliments of Mr. J

I was getting a little worried... I hadn't come across anything at worth posting for a while... But Jay has remedied that problem with this tasty lady. On a side note, she almost looks like about 3 different people throughout the photo set. I almost didn't click through cause the first picture is downright nasty. But it gets better. Believe you me.

So, got an erection yet? ;)

Feliz Cinco de Mayo mis amores!

Monday, May 02, 2005

The sexiest cough ever

Amber got sick last week - and still is... her coughing up phlegm every few minutes is not a turn on. No matter how sexy she is, the coughing and the green stuff and the yellow stuff, is not. As a result, the sex has been distinctly lacking ... she's still sick and only shows signs of getting worse at this point. Too bad... I'm horny.

Oh, wait. I'm always horny. I'm sure I'll still be in the mood when she gets well, so I guess it's not a problem...

In the mean time, hello Stacy Sanchez.

Damn, speaking of galleries... I had loaded one up on imageshack and put the images links and everything in a text file (Cause I knew I'd forget) ... and now I've forgotten where I put the text file. Thankfully, I can still locate the pictures, but I don't feel like uploading images that are already up there. Hmmmmm... where did I put that thing?

In the mean time, check these guys out:

HWB || shhhh || Krystal Steal?

(don't forget to spread the love)

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