Thursday, July 14, 2005

Because you weren't wondering

Today is Bastille Day. Joy is French like that. I mean, not really, but she loves the culture, so she's having a party tonight.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Have you seen this girl?

It's not that I got tired of the blog this time. It's not that I'm finding this blogging thing takes a lot of work. My excuse this time is much deeper and potentially more emotional than that.

Amber broke up with me last week. She said she's found someone else and that was it. I don't want to go into details about it since I've already rehashed it with all of my friends (and Joy and I have shared tears and ice cream several times). I'm at least proud of the fact that she had the guts to tell me straight out and not start cheating on me or anything. That, in part, demonstrates why she was such a good person. And why she will be missed. But, my philosophy on break-ups is this: Tear it off like a Band-Aid and move on. I've seen too many friends moping for too long over people who really weren't worth it. I haven't spoken to Amber since last Tuesday and I don't plan to. That's the way break-ups in my world work. This isn't some Ross and Rachel BullShit that goes on for 9 years. This is the real world, and if someone breaks up with you, I say Take it like a Man.

I was pretty down for a while, and most of the Bravado alluded to in the previous paragraph comes from the fact that it's been a week since it happened. I know it will take longer than that to really get over it, but for now, at least, I am rolling up my sleeves (not that I have any since it's summer) and getting back to work (and by work, I mean doing not all that much during the day, and going out to pick up chicks at night). :)

Last night, Joy and I went out dancing (salsa), but she got tired pretty quick. It's okay, I'm like that too when it's not summah.

Instead of condolences in your comments, I'd prefer break-up philosophies... just to see what other people have to say about it. This is always my question: If you break up with someone, do you really want to get back together? If you want to answer it, go ahead. If you'd like to say something else that's on your mind, that's fine too.

In the mean time, check this out (testing out the Blogger Image Upload thing):

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