Friday, October 28, 2005

Wine Country!

I'm still getting in the habit of posting again... y'know, divulging every little detail of my life. Sometimes I just forget... and sometimes I have to get to school so early in the morning that I don't have time (morning is my "usual" posting time).

But this! I will not forget!

Joy and I are going on a Sideways-style tour of Wine Country this weekend! She's busting out of work early and we're going away for a weekend of drinking! Doesn't get much better than that! :)

Yes, I realize this certainly narrows down the number of places I could possibly be living... but not all that much.

I'm sure you're not all here to actually hear about my life though... so... here's a little something I stole from Lingerie Dreams.

Monday, October 24, 2005

It's almost like starting over

Starting the blog again after the summer... Starting a new school year. Like a whole new beginning for me.

To catch up a bit... nothing big this summer. I only had sex with myself. I wasn't ready to get it on with another human being just yet. I think I am now... ;)

The other web/computers teacher left for another school (in suburbs, I heard... loser.) Anyway, so that leaves me in charge of all the web/computers classes. Yup, me. I'm the computers teacher. Kind of sad, eh? When the best teacher they have for the computing classes is a Econ major. At least I had a year teaching with Dave so I've got lesson plans and everything. Hopefully I'll be contributing to the start of even more teen-angsty weblogs. ;)

I'm also still teaching personal finance (which is awesome since I don't have to do Econ then... yeah, I really don't like teaching Econ. I like the subject, but teaching it to high school kids seems somewhat pointless). Anyway, I love teaching personal finance since the kids I teach (and all kids, I suppose, for that matter) need to learn as much as possible about it. Every person I can save from going into debt, the better.

So between the computers and personal finance, I'm totally having a great time this year.

One other bonus... they (being the administration) needed a new econ teacher (since they can't count on me anymore. Why they didn't just hire a new computer teacher, I don't know, but I guess they're probably harder to come by?) ... and the new Econ teacher is hot. Hawt. She's totally styling it out with her outfits, and I can't help but want to grab her juicy booty. I haven't spent too much time with her (since we don't teach the same classes, there's not a lot to be said just yet, except like "You're hot! Wanna make out?"). I've had a couple interactions, though, when she's been asking new-teacher kind of stuff and stuff about the department. The point is, I'm not sure which way she swings. Odds are, it's not my way... but who knows what a little alcohol after work will do? ;)

So, there you have it. The life and times in 5 paragraphs. Guess I'll check back in in another 3 months. Yeah... JK. I'm having fun again! Yay!

Friday, October 21, 2005


I guess I felt like this blog was something that reminded me too much of Amber, and while I'm fine with it now... I wasn't always.

I thought about deleting all the previous posts, but what would be the point of that? I mean, it's not like can I just erase posts and pretend like the last year didn't happen. And besides, lots of shit happened that I really liked. And Amber was great. But we're moving on now.

Should be some good times.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Don't call it a cumback.

... but I am.

We'll see.