Thursday, November 03, 2005

Thursday already??

Where the hell did the time go?

Anyway... the winery trip with Joy was awesome! Nothing like getting free drinks all day! Of course, we ended up buying a shit ton of wine too... so I imagine the wineries still get a pretty good margin on the free samples.

As we were getting drunk Saturday night, the alcohol started talking to me... it was saying how perfect Joy was. Okay, sure, I've thought about it before (who hasn't!)... but she's my best friend. But then, don't people always say that it's best when your best friend is your (in this case) life partner? I think they also say that when you're drunk, the truth comes out...

In other news, my team won yesterday! I'm talking bout basketball! I love it! Sure, the WNBA is great, but the women up in there are kind of scary... (it's true! admit it!) And, the guys in NBA just know how to play some f'in basketball. Every year, my appreciation for the sport grows by leaps and bounds. It started in college, and Joy and I probably learned more than any woman (outside of the WNBA) really needs to know about basketball. We're such tomboys. We'll be going to a couple games this year, so that's exciting.

I want to write more about the Joy thing, but it's hard to put the conflict of emotions into words. We could save some money if we moved in together, though... (so, instead of being serious, I'll just make cheeky comments)

Speaking of cheeky...