Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Girls' Night

So there's this new teacher at school that I pursued hardcore earlier this year. Not in the sexual way (unfortunately; she's got a boyfriend), but just as a friend. There aren't a lot of "cool" teachers at my school (there are a lot who think they're cool), so when a new one comes along, it's worth my while to try to make friends. It certainly makes school easier when I can spend more of my free time (not that there's all that much of it) with people I like rather than people I'm forced to be with.

Anyway, we've become pretty good school friends, and have started hanging out outside of school. I was even invited to her birthday party a while back. Now, I'm invited to "Girls' Night" with her friends (who are not as cool as she is - I know from meeting them at the birthday party - but we'll see). If nothing else, it will probably take me to places I haven't been (they're a different sort of set of girls than my kind).

The fact that my new friend - let's get around to calling her... Melissa... is totally hot. Not Monica Leigh hot, but we'll use her as the comparison. Unfortunately, her friends (with whom I'd probably have a better chance, since they're mostly single) are not as hot. Melissa is definitely the true gem of the friend circle. And she's from the Midwest... so I'll call her Melissa Midwest to really drive up the traffic through here. :)

Whatever the case, Joy is excited and hopeful that I'll have some good stories to tell upon my return. We shall see.

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