Thursday, April 27, 2006

2 Hours of Top Model vs. 2 Hours of Masturbation

Now that I feel like I've got a handle on my free time again, I'll make another run at the whole blogging thing. I really love doing it, but I guess it's not a high enough priority. I'm gonna work to change that. It's America's new favorite pasttime!

Anyway... at the risk of becoming the America's Next Top Model Blog (actually, would that be so bad?), I didn't even know there was a 2 hour special going on last night! Luckily, I was home to watch the whole thing (since I wasn't last week and had to see the rerun show on Tuesday).

So, the top 3 is obviously going to be Joanie, Danielle, and Jade. They're going to keep Jade around because she's better than Sara (though Sara would make a great Maxim-type model), and she's better than Furonda (who is somehow still on? She's way too skinny, and her hair is always ratty, and she's doesn't seem like she has a model bone structure going on. I mean, she's not bad looking, especially compared to Jade, but Furonda is not a Top Model).

There's no way they're going to pick Jade because... well, she's Jade. There is no way to get around that personality.

And how happy was I to see that Joanie was the CoverGirl of the week last week? She's my top pick now - and has been for a while. I wanted Kari at first, but she had to much thickness going on to be a Top Model. She's another who could be a good "men's" model (cause she's got boobs). Actually, Joanie's boobs are pretty much perfect as far I can tell. And she's awesome. I loved seeing her and Danielle in the special after the show. They are pretty damn funny.

So I was thinking about how much I love Top Model... and with respect to this blog (SEX), how much I love masturbating (at least when I'm single). So, here's my poll question - you can answer in the comments - which is better for you, 2 hours of "your Top Model" or 2 hours of masturbation. I'm actually going to go with the former since after 2 hours, I'd be pretty fucking sore (pun intended).

As a follow-up, if you're comfortable with it, also put in your average time (to the second, please ;) for a masturbation session. Awesome, thanks!

And speaking of masturbation...

And one more for good measure...

Is that not the craziest thong/g-string you've ever seen?

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At 11:52 PM, Anonymous Gary said...

Hmmmmm ...... can the time be split? Ideally I would like an hour of Top model, fifteen to twenty minutes or so of reading your sexy blog followed by a solid thirty to forty minutes of masturbation.
Ahhh....I mean assisted masturbation. asked.
I do like your blog and hope it's ok with you that a man reads it and occassionally comments.
After all I am a long time student of lesbians!

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Hip Swingster said...

Great post and pics. Thanks for sharing and it is good to see you are back.

At 1:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd love to fuck the arse off you. Love another lipstick lesbian x


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